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Drag Drop & Snap Inventory System v2


Drag, drop and snap inventory system for Flash games written in ActionScript 2.0.

I updated the previous version of my drag drop and snap inventory system to make it easier to understand. Added the ability to create new dragable items as objects. Also cleaned up & commented all the code.


  • Slots Array
  • Create new Draggable Items
  • Drag & Drop Items
  • Dropped Items snap to Slot
  • Each Item stores Slot info
  • Each Slot stores Item info
  • Return to previous position if current slot is full

Drag, Drop & Snap Inventory System Sample v2

Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

AS3 version of my inventory system is available here:

5 Responses

hey this is great, helped me alot with my assignment at uni, though i did a trace on ur items_array.push(_items), its not actualy doing anthing, as when i traced the array element, they came up as undefined. do u know how to fix that?

  • never mind i found out why,

    you didnt declare it as a new array,
    it works if u put
    var items_array:Array = new Array

    thx neway:)

  • thank you for catching that error Voids :)

  • just wanted to ask if you know how to take the item out of the inventory and give it to a character? using as2?

  • hey man, that’s almost what I was looking for, but I need to make two diferent inventories and have some of the items go just to one of them, some to the other, and some items could go to either one, I’m not a programmer, and I can’t figure out how to make it work. If you could help me I’ll thank you forever.

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