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Dynamic Tooltip


This is a dynamic tooltip window script that sizes and positions itself based on tooltip content size and location on the screen. It calculates it’s own size and current location, and if outside of the stage, reposition itself to remain always visible.

Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

17 Responses

There is one small problem which I notice, if you click and drag, the box stays on the cursor.

  • Thanks Stapled, I updated the fla with a fix.

  • Sweet, thanks :)

  • I got a question… How do you make the boxes a link to another scene without the tooltip from the original box appear

  • Hi gotbitey,

    You can call the hideTooltip() function to hide the tooltip, before you use gotoAndStop to go to a different scene.

  • Thanks for sharing this script. I’ve been able to adapt it on a movie I’m working on and it works well. However, I’m using attachMovie from a main .fla to bring this second movie in and I’m not sure how I should adapt the script so that it works from a different _root. I’ve tried this and _parent but neither worked.

  • Don’t worry about my previous comment. I don’t think I’ve changed the script at all but today it’s working fine. Thanks you.

  • Hello,

    the dynamic Tooltip (DT) is great and very useful for many applications. As a newbie, I start learning flash using AS3. I would like to work on the DT to treat it as a class or package. Any hint, advise or link to help me accomplish this task will be extremely appreciated.

    I thank you in advance for your help.


  • jameldj,

    It shouldn’t be too hard to convert this to AS3. Just use addChild instead of attachMovie to show/hide the tooltip.

  • Hey, thanks alot for providing these.

    One question, I’ve never really done it but how important is it to do this:

    delete tootip_mc.onEnterFrame;

    Instead of just doing this:



  • Hi JFlash,
    I believe that doing just removeMovieClip(tooltip_mc) would remove the onEnterFrame as well.

  • Hey
    Having trouble with the flash file… the header and description is not rendering correctly.
    Im a newby, so any help would be great :)

  • Hi FlyingS,

    You need to embed the fonts for each textbox in the tooltip, otherwise you’ll get that weird error.


  • Is there a way to fade in/fade out the tool tips on rollover?

    Thanks for the tutorial, this works great!

    • Hi curvwind8,

      Yes there is a way to do that. I would suggest using GreenSock’s TweenMax to do just that.

      If you’re having trouble figuring it out, please seek help on AS forums listed on the Resources page.


  • hi
    im fateme and i am iranian
    i dont know english a lot
    i hope u understand me
    for this tooltip thank a milion
    but i want more example
    for best wishes for you

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