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Endless Parallax Scrolling


This is a parallax star field scrolling effect. It gives the illusion of moving through 3d space. This effect endless and will continue scrolling forever.

Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

ActionScript 3 version of this script is available here:

11 Responses

Hello, firstly I would like to say wow. Your website is pretty amazing, 15 pages of pure actionscript snippets, etc. It has been very helpful…

I would also like to ask a question, does reading other peoples codes help me learn? Because I love flash and I am really enthusiastic as I have already made two simple AS2 games a while ago, but never got round to making more.

I would really love to learn more AS, and hopefully with your help and advice. Do you have any? Does reading other scripts help?

Thanks, hope to speak soon!

  • Hi StapledPuppet, I’m glad you like the site :)

    To answer your very broad question; yes, reading other people’s scripts does help.

    Advice? Read Essential Actionscript by Colin Moock.

  • Hmm, I might check that book up. Also, another question, will learning actionscript make it easier to learn languages such as C++, because I find that C++ is too hard for at this current time…

  • AS3 and C++ both share the same fundamental Object Oriented Programing principles. Once you understand OOP, you’ll be able to problem in any language.

  • Ahh, phew… Good to know.

    I was wondering, you know your dynamic boxes? Could you make it so you can click an arrow and a conversation moves on?

  • Sorry StapledPuppet, at this point I cannot accept requests. Try one of the forums in on the “Resources” page.

  • No, i am not asking you to make it, I was asking if it can be done?

  • If you can dream it, you can make it :)

  • :P That’s a good attitdue I guess, but in my case, if I can dream it, it’s mostly likely that I can’t make it

  • Hi, thanks for the nice examples! I want to ask, why do you use jpg instead of vector squares? is it faster to render?

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