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Laser Weapon (with wall collision detection)


This is an AS3 update to my old AS2 laser script with a few improvements:

  • You can now easily check if the laser is hitting multiple walls by adding movieclips to an array
  • I also added a delayed turret rotation – this way the turret doesn’t feel “glued” to the mouse
  • Optimized and cleaned up the code

You can set the following weapon settings:

  • turret rotation speed – how fast turret rotates towards mouse. default is 20
  • barrel length – how far from turret laser starts drawing. default is 15
  • laser range – default is 100
  • laser color – default is green #00FF00
  • laser width – default is 2
  • laser blur strength – default is 2


Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

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