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Bitmap Trailer using Blitting technique


This is an AS3 mouse trailer example using the Blitting technique.

From Wiki on Blitting: “A classic use for blitting is to render transparent sprites onto a background.”

So instead of having 100′s of movieclips on the screen at the same time, you only have 1 bitmap object. This dramatically improves performance.

This also allows you apply filters to this bitmap image to achieve all kinds of fancy effects, such as this trailer using blur and alphaMultiplier (bitmap alpha control).

Preview v1.0.0

Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

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Just looked at the source
Very nicely done! Hats off to you.

Note: You need to add a date to your entries, I have no idea if this was posted yesterday or 3 years ago :)

  • it’s amazing tanks men…

  • dude i’m working on a couple projects and i really appreciate all the help with ur code and stuff man thanx this one is really cool

  • Thank you very much! Glad you like it!


  • hello,
    error ActionScript 3.0

    Scene 1, Layer ‘frame’, Frame 1, Line 10 1037: Packages cannot be nested.

    Please error Answer slove ?

  • I need some totorles for the extreem beginner I have almost no experince with codeing I know HTML and very very little flash i was wondering if you could help me.


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