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Car example bug fixes

By popular demand I updated my car driving examples. Update included a complete code rewrite which optimizes everything and fixes all bugs. Everything is a lot more simplified too.

AS3 version:

AS2 version:

FreeActionScript’s New Look

Updated WordPress to the newest version, along with a new look. Hope you like it!

This also fixed issues with comments. You can now use breaks in your comments, as well as code tags to wrap your code.

Note: If you’re having issues with the site (if it looks broken), please clear your browser’s cache.

Happy 2nd Birthday FAS!

It’s FreeActionScript’s 2nd birthday! has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 246,687. Visitors to the site spend roughly 49 seconds on each pageview and a total of four minutes on the site during each visit. Relative to the overall population of internet users,’s audience tends to be between the ages of 25 and 35; they are also disproportionately men browsing from work who have postgraduate educations. The site’s visitors view 5.4 unique pages each day on average.

Thanks for making the site as popular as it is!

Happy Birthday Free ActionScript! is celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary today.  Thanks to all the fans out there for supporting this site and providing valuable feedback & motivation. In 1 year, 110,000 of you visited the site and loaded 270,000 pages.

What’s next for FreeActionScript?

Full switch to AS3!
I will no longer release AS2 scripts. From now on, all my experiments and examples will be in class based AS3. That means no more timeline actionscript. No worries, I will try to make the transition from AS2 to AS3 as easy to understand as possible.

As always, I am interested in as much feedback as I can get.  I welcome suggestions and requests, and hope you guys stick around to see evolve into a bigger, more useful site for all.