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Flash Game Projectile Weapons

This is version 3 of my Flash game projectile weapons script. It is totally rewritten & optimized to support multiple weapons, multiple enemies & collision detection. All the functions are encapsulated for easy re-use.



  • Number of bullets
  • Bullet speed
  • Bullet age
  • Reload speed

Weapon Management

  • Weapon Database
  • Weapon Database Search
  • Equip Weapon Function
  • Reload Weapon
  • Create Bullet
  • Update Bullet
  • Destroy Bullet

Enemy Management

  • Create enemy
  • Enemy Collision Detection with Bullets
  • Destroy Enemy
Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

AS3 version of this script is available here:

Game Weapons – Pistols, Shotguns & Machine Guns

This AS2 example shows you how to make projectile weapons for your flash games; a pistol, a shotgun, and a machine gun. Holding down the mouse button allows you to fire continuously.

Note: Latest version of this script is located here:

Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

Game Weapons – Heat Seeking Missiles, Rockets, Torpedoes

This is a Flash ActionScript 2.0 heat seeking missile script for games. Includes AS2 dynamic smoke effects & dynamic animated explosion effects. Our missiles also need something to lock on to so I added a simple enemy random movement script.

Flash Game Weapon Preview

Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

Customizable Missile Settings

  • reloadSpeed – how long it takes the missile launcher to reload
  • missileSpeed – how fast the missile travels
  • turnRate – how fast the missile turns toward the target

Customizable Explosion Settings

  • explosionParticleAmount – amount of explosion particles
  • explosionDistance – explosion spread distance
  • explosionSize – size of explosion particles
  • explosionAlpha – transparency of the explosion particles

If you’re having trouble understanding how this script works, please review previously posted examples that were incorporated in to this script: Animated Explosion Effect, Simple Random Enemy Movement, Enemy Follow Player, Realistic Smoke Effect – Particle Trailer & Play Random Sound.

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Weapon – Shooting Laser

This script shows you how to shoot a laser weapon from the player movieclip towards the mouse x & y position.

Game Engine – Shooting Laser Weapon

Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

Customizable Game Weapon Settings:

  • reload speed
  • laser offset
  • laser width
  • laser color
  • laser alpha

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