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Game Weapons – Lightning, Laser, Beam, Pulse Gun Effects

This advanced game weapon script shows you how to create a lightning, laser, beam, pulse and other effects using Flash ActionScript 2. It is highly customizable and easy to modify to create your own desired effect.

Lightning Gun Effect Preview

Download Fla Sample

Download Fla Sample

Customizable Settings

  • reloadSpeed – how long it takes the gun to reload in milliseconds
  • clearSpeed – how long it takes to clear the graphics on screen in milliseconds
  • lightningOffset – how wide the lignting bolt is in pixels
  • lightningFrequency – how long each jump is in pixels
  • lightningWidth – set the width of each lightning bolt in pixels
  • lightningColor – set lightning color
  • lightningAlpha – set lightning transparency
  • lightningBranches – how many lightning bolt branches will be drawn per click
  • sparkNumber – set number of sparks
  • sparkDistance – set spark spread distance
  • sparkSize – set spark scale in percent

If you’re having trouble understanding how this script works, please review previously posted examples that were incorporated in to this script: Shooting Laser Weapon, Play Random Sound, Apply Filters using ActionScript & Sparkle Effect.

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